Posted by: carrboroman | February 9, 2012

Pin this!

I pinned this on Pinterest today, whatever that means.

And the foggy tree.

Blue skies, open road, chrome, and a big V-twin.

Pin me. You know you want to.

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Posted by: carrboroman | January 11, 2012

Carrboro Man Gear!

Carrboro Man gear is out.  T-shirts!  Stickers!  Potholders!  Wait.  No potholders.

How cool is that?

You can get yours now, or wait until you see someone else with it, and you’ll be like, oh, snap, I should’ve gotten that tee or bumper sticker way back then, before everyone else got them.

Click on the images to order.

Many thanks to my friend Ralph who came up with the Carrboro Man brand.


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